Custom Senior Portrait Sessions

Thank you for your interest in Nancy Faircloth Photography. We are so excited for you - you made it to your senior year! One of the best ways for you and your family to document this wonderful time is with a custom photo session and that's where we come in.

For 10 years, I have been photographing seniors and always strive for all-out flattering photographs and a one-of-a kind experience. Contact me for links to my Senior Information and Location Guides. Reviewing them is the very best way to learn about wardrobe information, pricing and packages and should answer many of your questions. All the decisions about your session will be made by you so my guides give you lots of  information to help you make your plans.

Senior Portrait Galleries

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Wear?

Clothing is a very big deal and has everything to do with how much you are going to love your photographs. Your clothing should be different and special and reflect your own unique style. During our session, you will wear only the clothing that you want to wear!

You will be able to chose your favorite colors, styles and accessories. I will happily consult with you and any answer questions - you can even text me a picture of the outfits you are wearing to make sure they will photograph well. One great idea is to google "what to wear for senior portraits" and select "images". You will see a massive selection of ideas and you can really get an idea of what looks good. Most seniors plan a few wardrobe changes and we can guide you to making the most of all the looks you love.

Bottom line - let's chat! I can answer almost any question about what looks best in pictures.


What kind of choices do I have for the location of my session?

I love the natural glow from the most versatile light of them all - the sun. I love to balance good light with beautiful natural backgrounds. I am constantly scouting out cool locations with great light. We don’t care if you want to go downtown, out in the country or your own backyard. We have photographed at athletic fields, horse barns, air fields and gyms. We’re open to it all, so bring on your wild ideas and dreams!

The look of any location varies during the session and seasons so that we can get bright, backlit, color saturated images; softer, more muted images and strong, high contrast images all during the same session.

I have an extensive list of locations where I have photographed. Click HERE and send us a message to request the guide.


What time of year should I schedule my session?

My clients select the time of year that they would like to be photographed, from summer after junior year until late spring of senior year. This allows for more versatility in clothing selection, location choices and timing convenient to you, the senior, and your family.

I schedule a maximum of two seniors per day so no waiting for your session to begin -we stay relaxed and have fun.

Many of my clients enjoy sharing their senior portraits with family and friends as holiday gifts. Therefore, it makes sense to schedule senior portraits for the summer or fall. Nancy Faircloth Photography holiday deadlines happen right after Thanksgiving, as do deadlines for Yearbook Senior Dedication pages, so this time frame is very convenient to many seniors.

Girls, if you have scheduled your formal yearbook portraits with the school photographer and plan on making an appointment for hair and make up, we can schedule your portrait with Nancy on the same day - saving you money and time!


What can I order?

We offer a tremendous variety of products including digital packages, artistry wall portraits, metal prints, specialty flush mount albums, canvas gallery wraps and more. We are constantly testing updated, state of the art photography products to bring you the very best designer products to showcase your images.

Retouching, if needed, is done to enhance but not change the image or how you look and is free of charge!